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CCH Golden Tipi is a meeting place for former staff of Camp Chief Hector. It seeks to keep alive the memories of camp days, preserve and renew friendships made at camp, act as a rendezvous point for staff wishing to contact others, and to collect, publish and celebrate recollections, photos, and life stories. Note: as of 2018 much of the material on the site relates to the 60’s and 70’s – we need correspondents from later years to take up their keyboards and tell their stories!

This website is created and staffed by volunteers who were connected to Hector in the past. It is neither funded by nor formally associated with the Calgary YMCA.

Chief Hector Crawler after whom the camp is named
Chief Hector Crawler after whom the camp is named

All content ownership remains with the originator who will be acknowledged where possible, however, all material is expected to form part of the history of Camp Chief Hector and will be preserved and archived.

The Public portion of the site will be available to the general public but will publish only material that has already been in the public domain such as brochures or widely circulated documents.  The private or “members only” section will deal with all other material so as to protect the privacy of members and the integrity of the current operations of Camp Chief Hector.

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